Specialists in development

Our expert developers have specialist knowledge across a number of key areas, from methodologies to architecture.

Our developers have a wealth of experience in a number of key areas, from architecting platforms using the Micro Service pattern, to having an in depth knowledge of patterns and technologies such as The Mediator Pattern, Test Driven Development in .NET Core. and much more.

Codigo Logic offers services that will compliment your in-house team, we can work alongside your team to achieve great solutions that fulfill all your requirements. We can also help progress your team, train up those with less experience in specific areas and improve skills and mindsets across the board.


Struggling to find good candidates?

Can't find developers with the right skillsets but need them quickly?

We offer specialist developers across multiple disciplines. On top of this, if you don't even have a development team or a brand new project comes in and you simply don't have the resources in-house and need them sharpish. Get in touch and we can look at providing you with an entire team with a wealth of experience.


Need a dev team?

Overwhelmed with client projects and don't have the capacity?

We have development teams available to come and work with you on your projects, from start to finish for a fixed period of time. Let us know how you would like the team to look and we can resource skilled development teams to work with you to achieve your end goals.


We specialise in a number of areas

We can work with your team or even upskill your entire department in a number of areas, here's a few!

Achieving a Micro Service Architecture

Stuck with a monolith? Or simply have a brand new project?

Encorporating the Mediator Pattern

Achieve better separation and unit test ease by implementing the Mediator pattern.

Logging is boring...

We can upskill your team with our logging experties, making logging much more enjoyable.

Achieving Test Driven Development

We can show you or work with you on how to achieve test driven development without de-motivating your dev team!

Infrastructure as a Service

Using less steel or VMs to allow your developers to do what they do best, develop!

What would your architecture look like in the cloud?

We can work with you to show you what your architecture would look like in the cloud, from functions to container services.

Why not get in touch

We would love to work with you on achieving your goals. Whether it's helping definte your architecture, implementing your features or upskilling your team.